Sustainability Marketing Strategy Guide

This guide will take you through the different stages which will be followed in order to draw up your sustainability marketing plan.

This process will ensure that you are clear about your sustainability offer, how to use it to appeal to your existing audience and open up to new guests as well as setting measurable objectives, both financial and sustainable. This strategy will work in harmony with your existing marketing plans and propose ways of working which integrate with your existing campaigns and marketing team.

Sustainability insights & opportunities for the travel & tourism industry

Market research and statistics which present sustainability trends and forecasts including the outlook for the travel and tourism industry.

Review of your sustainability offer and suggestions on how to improve it

This will include a thorough analysis of your current sustainability offer and practical recommendations for improvement in a staged realistic and time related way with measurable targets

Profile of the conscious traveler and how your hotel can attract them

This section will look at your existing target audience and overlay with the demands of the conscious traveler identifying overlaps and areas of opportunity.

Sustainable leaders in your region or country

The pioneers in sustainable tourism are shining examples of the collaborative approach which is adopted by those in this field. Sustainable hoteliers are usually proud to share their initiatives and experiences with others in order to achieve a combined effort in what is doing the right thing for the future of the planet and its people.

I will identify the leaders in your area and consider how you can use their experiences in your own hotel.

Integrating sustainability into your existing marketing plan and communications strategy

Together we will examine your existing marketing and communications strategy and agree how best to integrate your sustainability messaging. This will include both your external comms with guests as well as your internal comms with staff.

I can work with your internal marketing team, external agencies or freelancers using online conferencing and email.

Setting of measurable sustainability goals to work alongside your financial objectives

It is important that you adjust your financial objectives if needed to incorporate the opportunities offered by an enhanced sustainable offer but it is also important to set sustainability goals and measurement criteria for these. This will allow you to report on your impact.